Intensive course

Study of the face – classical sculpture
From 20 February to 24 February 2023 at La ligne d’horizon
Teacher: Annabelle Hyvrier (graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels).

The course will take place from 9.30-12.30 and from 13.30-16.30

This intensive course is intended for students who wish to learn the art of portrait sculpture based on a model

The first two days: The student learns to reproduce, to analyse forms, solids and voids on the basis of a plaster sculpture. They learn to look at and ultimately reproduce what they see.

The following three days: we will study the construction of a sculpture (complete face) by analysing the model in order to learn how to build. We will create a portrait on the basis of the live model. We will make a sculpture from start to finish in its entirety, including structure and musculature.
This course will be intensive but will take place in a good mood.

Price per workshop: 400 euros + 90 euros for the model. 9 students per class max. Reservation required.
Total price of the course: 490 euros.

A deposit of 190 euros is required to reserve a place.
To be paid on the account : BE 82 0016 24 68 8968 or in cash at the school with the course number.

Classical sculpture

Classical sculpture, modeling: study of models or portrait. All will be studied on pictures or based on sculptures made out of plaster.

Casting stage

Casting stage: study and implementation of a silicone mould (a sock mould) with a view to having your own work cast at a bronze foundry (this stage does not take place at the school) or with the aim of obtaining multiple copies of an original made of a replacement material, such as artificial stone, plaster, wax, etc…
The silicone mould is a mould that can be reused.


Patina: The course focuses on the application of coloured patina on the terracotta sculptures made by the pupils during the course of the year. This subtle sleight of hand makes the sculptures look even more beautiful.
Among others, we imitate the fake bronze ‘verdigris’, red bronze or brown bronze, the ceruse style, the aged style and many, many more…

“Art is the presentiment of truth.”

Alexandre Blok