‘I teach my students how to look’

Annabelle Hyvrier

The School

Students study the live model, the portrait, they can also, if they wish, develop a personal sculptural language.

Learning goals and methods

Teaching begins with the understanding of a three-dimensional volume, learning continues with the reproduction of a part of the human body in clay. The study is then focused on the representation of a body in its entirety in movement or static, then on the face and its expressions. The courses of our school are intended to make the student autonomous in the art of reproduction according to nature.

Back to school

Classes will begin the week of September 1, 2024.

Learning to sculpt is…

An accurate assessment of volumes

Model-based learning provides an excellent understanding of the subject matter in space as well as an accurate assessment of volumes.

Discover your own style

Each sculptor has his own style, his own handwriting: the work of modelling is his signature. Discover yours!

A talent within everyone’s reach

Explore the nude, portrait, animals, or any personal project. From a rough sketch to a life-size sculpture, anything is possible!



Ateliers “La ligne d’Horizon”
Rue Anoul 13, 1050 Brussels