Sculpting courses in Brussels

La ligne d’horizon is a sculpture studio in Brussels which specializes in teaching modelling and sculpture with a model.

Pupils learn to reproduce what they see, to analyse shape, positive space and negative space. They construct outlines and plans and learn how to observe in the right way, through a variety of exercises that are all part of a systematic progression.

We offer you a serious and varied apprenticeship on the language of shape, derived from the close observation of nature.

We provide training in sculpture designed for all abilities and for pupils of all ages. La ligne d’horizon provides sculpture classes during the daytime or in the evenings, and also offers apprenticeships.

The course content

Training in the basic techniques of sculpture

An initiation in the study of glazed earth modelling, with the aim of creating a three-dimensional sculpture.
Through these various sculpture classes we will learn how to construct an object.
As the course goes on, the student will study the human anatomy, its curves, its tensions, the weight of the body, the bone structure and the muscle structure. He or she will study faces by studying busts and feet, as well as hands, in all their intricate complexity.
As the course progresses, we will move from an initial grounding in how to construct a sculpture, right through to how it looks on completion.

Learning how to sculpt

Once the student has a good ‘feel’ for placement, we will have unlocked the capacity to examine all aspects of sculpture in greater depth. After the observation stage and some practice at drafting preliminary sketches, the student will work towards creating the form in its entirety.
Gradually, we will put this apprenticeship into practice on the body, in a variety of attitudes, expressions and poses. Through observation of a bust, we will explore the face, the facial features and the expressions, and once again the underlying structure. During the lessons the student will also take a close look at each detail of the face, one by one, so that as time goes on he or she will be able to create a representation of the human head and draw portraits.
Students will draw the model both nude and clothed, and experiment with drapes and the composition of the sculpture; e.g. several people sitting on chairs, two people chatting, or a couple in the street, or recreate animals and try to tackle the incredible complexity of a four-legged animal.
Models will be studied on pictures or based on plaster sculpture.

Mastery of sculpting tools and baking.

An introduction to a variety of tools: chisels, trimming tools for emptying, wire tools for cutting.
An introduction to the emptying out and baking of sculptures in a ceramics oven.

And for the more advanced students…

For those who have already acquired some experience and are looking to further their knowledge or move on to creating a life-size sculpture, or students who have been attending our classes for a long time. We offer a customized program tailored to suit your needs.
The most courageous students can try their hand at what is known as ‘monumental’ sculpture. They will first find out how to build a steel armature before working on a mock-up that they will be asked to reproduce.
They will then be able to start moving on to bigger and better things, involving slabs or coils.

“a sculptor is someone who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds.”

Henry Moore

Who am I ?

Annabelle Hyvrier

Annabelle Hyvrier was born on 12 December 1971 in France; she graduated from the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts (the Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in Brussels, and obtained her teaching diploma (a DAP, diploma in pedagogical aptitude) in sculpture in 1995. Annabelle is a regular member of the review board for the school La Cambre and the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts. She is well-known in many parts of Europe and has had her work exhibited at numerous galleries. Her works can be seen in a number of museums.



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