Registration for courses

Registration for the school year: 2022-2023

Courses will start on 5 September 2022.
2 registration possibilities: quarterly or yearly
One course = 32 euros (3 hours of lessons, including firing).

Quarterly registration 2022-2023

We calculate the number of lessons per quarter. This number is then multiplied by 32 euros.

1st term: weeks = 14 lessons (until 23 December)
Total registration (1st term): 14 x 32 = 448 euros

2nd term: 14 weeks of lessons.
Total registration (2nd term): 14 x 32 = 448 euros (until 18 May)

3rd trimester (up to and including 1 July 2022):

Total enrolment 3rd term: 7 weeks (until 1 July) 7 x 32 = 224 euros

Annual registration

Yearly: the course costs 27 euros!
35 lessons: 945 euros (instead of 1120 euros)
Enrolments are payable at the beginning of the year.
All missed lessons can be made up during the current term.

We do not give lessons during the Belgian school holidays.
Once paid, registrations are not refundable, thank you.



  • Prof. Annabelle Hyvrier


  • Prof. Annabelle Hyvrier

  • Prof. Annabelle Hyvrier


  • Prof. Annabelle Hyvrier


  • Prof. Annabelle Hyvrier

  • Prof. Annabelle Hyvrier

  • Prof. Abel

    special beginners, starts 2023 january 9th


  • Prof. Abel

    special beginners, starts 2023 january 9th

All our lessons may be accessed at any time during the year or during the quarter!

Places must be reserved in advance!

For all additional information or to make a reservation, please contact me on 0478 541 691 Annabelle Hyvrier or by email:

Booking a lesson

Lesson bookings must be made in advance, against a deposit of 30% of the total price for the quarter, to the school’s account.
company: HYVRIER ANNABELLE, account details BE82 0016 2468 8968 with the following information to be provided:
1- LLDH (la ligne d’horizon)
2- the pupil’s name
3- the day and lesson time selected
The first lesson in sculpture at the workshop is free of charge, and there is no obligation on the part of the pupil.
Advance booking is mandatory.
There is only a small number of pupils in each class, so please make sure you book nice and early to secure the time slot that suits you best.


Fresh, 20 kg loads of clay need to be paid for separately from the cost of the lessons. The clay that we recover from emptied out pieces is recyclable, and can be re-used by the students free of charge.

Baking in the ceramics oven

Clay sculptures are baked at the school, for free.

Parking spaces – access to the school

If you can’t find anywhere to park in the local area: don’t spend ages driving around looking for a space, just go to PARKING TULIPE, it’s 3 minutes away on foot.
Those in Brussels can also access our sculpture classes using the following: 1- the gare du Luxembourg, 2- the metro stop porte de namur, 3 – buses 71 and 54, stop Place Fernand coq.



Ateliers “La ligne d’Horizon”
Rue Anoul 13, 1050 Brussels