Apprenticeships and workshops in sculpture, casting, drawing and painting

Apprenticeships and workshops in sculpture, casting, drawing and painting are organized during the school holidays at our studios in Brussels.

Our studio invites inspiring teachers and academics to give lectures and workshops, as part of intensive sessions in which they impart their vision and know-how to pupils.
During these sessions, a variety of approaches, sensibilities and ways of looking at the art of sculpture are explored on an in-depth basis, for it is indeed a subject so vast that one can dream up a whole new life within it.

These are independent modules that stand separately from the lessons and follow a more intensive timetable.
They are given from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 16.30 or at the weekend.

Each apprenticeship will involve tuition from 9.30-12.30 and from 13.30-16.30.

The intensive apprenticeships are intended for pupils wishing to learn the art of shaping in sculpture; pupils learn how to reproduce objects, how to analyse shape, positive space and negative space. They construct outlines and plans and learn the right way to observe, then ultimately to reproduce what they see.
These apprenticeships are intensive but they take place in the right kind of atmosphere.

Each pupil will be attended to by the teacher in a way that corresponds to his or her needs and level.

The apprenticeships will take place as follows:

In the mornings, on Monday and Tuesday we will look at a few quick poses; we will study the construction of a sculpture, quickly analysing the shape and reproducing the model in sketch form, but in full. We will look at 5 different poses, spending 20 minutes on each.
The process of constructing a body will seem far more straightforward to you once these exercises have been done.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings will be set aside for a study of the face: we will learn how to construct a head by sketching it, while analyzing the shapes, the lines, the volumes and the structure, and we will progress to the point where we have a completed portrait after 3 mornings.

The afternoons will all be dedicated to working on some longer poses, using a model.

Five afternoons will give us ample time to complete a reproduction of a model from start to finish, from the first sketch to the final sculpture.

Price per traineeship: 370 euros for the workshop (plus 60 euros for the model).

Total of the workshop 430 euros. 9 pupils per class, reservation mandatory.
Are included in the price: live model for 30 hours, clay, the firing of the sculpture, tools.
A deposit of 130 euros will be requested in order to book your place.
To be paid to the account: BE 82 0016 24 68 8968 or in cash to the school, with the name of the traineeship and the date.

For all information and bookings, please contact Annabelle Hyvrier: 0478 541 691 or


Announced workshops

Please check the dates above.


Trois types de stage sont proposés:

Classical sculpture

Classical sculpture, modeling: study of models or portrait. All will be studied on pictures or based on sculptures made out of plaster.

Casting stage

Casting stage: study and implementation of a silicone mould (a sock mould) with a view to having your own work cast at a bronze foundry (this stage does not take place at the school) or with the aim of obtaining multiple copies of an original made of a replacement material, such as artificial stone, plaster, wax, etc…
The silicone mould is a mould that can be reused.


Patina: The course focuses on the application of coloured patina on the terracotta sculptures made by the pupils during the course of the year. This subtle sleight of hand makes the sculptures look even more beautiful.
Among others, we imitate the fake bronze ‘verdigris’, red bronze or brown bronze, the ceruse style, the aged style and many, many more…

“Art is the presentiment of truth.”
Alexandre Blok